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In 1962 a series of villas was founded in the region, including Mañihuales where settled settlers who had come to inhabit this valley during the first half of the 20th century. There was then a lot of burnt forest, indescribable precariousness and adverse weather conditions for the roughest of the Patagonians.

With the layout of the Austral road, this hamlet becomes a strategic point of the settlements in the Region of Aysén. Nowadays, it is once again important as a point of support for those who leave or arrive in the region using the Carretera Austral, the Bimodal route or the sea route from Puerto Cisnes.

As a family we reside here even before the creation of the town and at this point since 1973. Originally dedicated to peasant activities.

Today we are offering a space for rest and an opportunity for the enjoyment of travelers. We intend to deliver a pleasant attention to visitors. To contribute with the knowledge of the culture of the place, to inform the visitor of the natural attractions of the town, its kindness and the privilege of having a wide knowledge of the Patagonian tradition.

THE VALDES. Concerned that you live a unique experience!

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